Guitar Lessons In Cardiff

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beginner to intermediate level only

I can help you with..
Learning your favorite songs
Enhancing your chord vocabulary
Modal Scales
Key Signatures
loads and loads more..

Beginners & Intermediates welcome now!

Cardiff guitar lessons, private tutoring.

I have brought some students up a to a great level very quickly.

My influences and skills are wide and varied but I am in particular quite good with and love to teach hendrix/blues pentatonic style, I can teach you all the basics from the very start even if you cannot play a single chord.

I really enjoy teaching people and I welcome you to come book a lesson.

I prefer to do 35-40 minute lessons to give people a chance to practice and learn what we cover.
Some people prefer to come for an hour to get the practice in which is fine
I have also taught 2 people at once (for example father and daughter).

guitar lessons cardiff

My Guitars...
You are welcome to use them for lessons to save you bringing your own if you like

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